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Peggy Whisler

Peggy Whisler, RYT 200

After a few years of practice and discovering Mindfulness, Peg Whisler completed her 200 Registered Yoga Training (RYT) in 2017 at OmBodies Yoga Studio in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Her training was based on Hatha/Vinyasa Flow with an emphasis on anatomy.    She has been teaching since and has been able to pursue several advanced teacher trainings including Mindfulness for Stress Reduction, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Myofascial Release.  She has been blessed to teach in 3 different studios in the Midland area as well as outdoor/beach Yoga in Midland and Lake Ann, Michigan.   After retiring from a

Corporate Supply Chain career, she moved from Midland to the Elk Rapids area.   She sees yoga as a moving meditation and works to share yoga with everyone regardless of whether they have been practicing for years or this is their first class.  This can be as simple as coming to the mat and breathing but also coming to the mat for strong movement and flow.  Stillness can be just as challenging as movement, balance and strength postures and Peg works to marry the two depending on what students may need in the moment.  Safe, sustainable practices are a goal that she strives for in her own practice and as a teacher.  She hopes to complete her 300-hour training in the future and is excited to join the community at Elk Rapids Yoga Flow! 

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5 Tuesday
Step and Stretch
with Peggy Whisler
1 hour and 14 minutes
Get ready for a fun and active class that will help you build endurance, flexibility, strength, and mobility, while getting to meet new (or old) friends! We will begin with an approximate 2 mile/4000 step walk through beautiful downtown Elk Rapids. Our warmup walk will bring stunning views of the lake and parks in our area while we build community and get to know each other! Back in the studio, we will incorporate gentle stretching, balancing and cool down postures to round out your perfect movement routine. Make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and of course layers! Note: Class will be held regardless of weather conditions!! We will be in the studio for the full hour if weather doesn't permit outdoor time. Class may go 75 minutes if schedules allow.
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